USWNT Set for Championship Game

So here’s what I know:  After a scoreless first half, Natasha Kai opened the floodgates, scoring on a poor play by the Norwegian goalie.  Unfortunately, the Fed’s MatchTracker was down for most of the second half … but below is information transcribed from MatchTracker by a BigSoccer dude (after the match).  And before you head to the game details, here’s a great interview (video) with Pia that I found when I was waiting in vain for MatchTracker to come back up.

56: O’Reilly plays Wambach into box on right side by Norway GK comes out and slides to corral.  Keeper puts it down to kick it from the ground, and doesn’t see Kai …

58: Lloyd bursts down the left side in the box and cuts back a driven cross then Wambach runs through and bundles into the net from close range with two Norwegian defenders hanging on her …

67: Lloyd takes corner from left corner all the way across to Osborne who heads it back to the far post and O’Reilly is there to head in front of the doorstep …

90+: Rodriguez gets behind defense on left side and hits the softest shot you could ever imagine with the outside of her right foot.  It’s bouncing right to the Norwegian GK and she somehow mishandles it and it rolls over her and into the net …

I feel so sorry for that keeper … here’s the US Soccer write-up.  For the second time at the Algarve this year, Christie Rampone was named Woman of the Match!

So Denmark is in the final for the 2nd consecutive year – and wll face the USWNT on Wednesday.  Germany will play Norway in the 3rd place match.  Sweden will face either China or Italy in the match for 5th place.  (Haven’t seen anything about that match result yet.)  China must beat Italy, while Italy only need a draw to enter the match for 5th place.[TABLE=8]

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