HollyCornblog Update

Wanna know what HollyCornblog has been up to since she left NH more than a month ago? She and her husband (CharlieHopbrew) have been very busy embarking on their new beer-brewing adventure!

The CarboyRead on, as HollyCornblog herself describes what’s involved … or some part of what’s involved … in this whole beer-brewing process!

“Here is the carboy with the hops that we dry hopped ready to get racked (moved) to the bottling bucket.”

“Here is where it was flowing into the bottling bucket.” (I know, that is kind of weird looking – in a hospitalish-sort-of-a-way. I’ll try not to think about it. Let’s just move along, okay?!)

Holly Cornblog continues, “I didn’t get any pictures of us actually bottling because we were both pretty busy, but here are all our bottles capped and a glass of flat beer in the front.” Flat beer? Oh yeah – there’s some sugar (whose name escapes me) that goes into each bottle to create the carbonation. HollyCornblog tells me that you have to be careful with that measurement, or you can get exploding beer bottles (a terrible waste).

“We ended up with 25 assorted size bottles, one 12 ounce, one 32 ounce, and the rest around 22 ounces. We are storing them now in the basement because it is better at this stage for them to be in a cool dark place.”

Okay, HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew, keep those bottles in a cool dark place … and let me know when you’re ready to start testing ’em!

Finally, here’s a picture of the late MurphyCornblog-Hopbrew, overseeing the evolving process that is underway at the Cornblog-Hopbrew domicile. “We made our first one gallon (six-pack) of beer batch this afternoon. Here it is in its little glass container. Isn’t it cute? In two weeks we’ll move it over to another gallon container and dry hop it, and then we’ll start a new gallon batch with a different hop.”

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1 Response to HollyCornblog Update

  1. CB says:

    These pictures are making me thirsty!


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