Friday, Friday, Friday …

Phew!  What a week … eh?  I continue with vestiges of the sniffles … and am desperately trying to get myself healthy before March Madness begins (and sleep is severely shortened by basketball and bracketology). 

I was all set to get myself to bed early last night but then somehow ended up searching the web, first for USWNT Algarve pictures and then for an unexpurgated version of Jimmy Kimmel’s answer to Sarah Silverman’s “I’m F**king Matt Damon” video.  No luck on that front, but here’s Jimmy’s (expurgated) all-star response!

First thing this morning I checked my usual stuff on the computer.  I often check my JordanCornblog stats.  Today I noticed that the top search words bringing folks my way recently have had to do with Wff ‘n Proof.  Must be a tournament or something happening … and it looks like it may be in California.  Based on he search strings and where the hits are coming from, that’s my best guess.  And I have to say that I am sorry to disappoint anyone who hits JordanCornblog looking for actual, meaningful informaton about the game and finds only personal recollections of a frustrating, youthful experience with logic … in the context of a highly illogical family!  Hope the tournament (or whatever) is going well … and if anyone wants to share some info, I’m all ears!

After checking stats, I moved on and found this heartwarming article from the NY Times about Barack Obama’s mother.  She certainly sounds like an interesting and independent woman.  I haven’t read his bio(s) yet … but probably should, soon, huh?  Is he the real deal?  This piece (thanks CB) by Gail Collins reflects on the Spitzer debacle and awakens my ingrained concern that, perhaps as I fear, nothing is actually, ever, as it appears (with the possible exception of John McCain’s wife).

Okay, that was really nasty and unworthy of JordanCornblog, I know!  As you can see, this is what happens in the interstices between sporting events and primaries and such.  Left to my own devices, there’s no telling how quickly and how far things can veer into the absurd!  (We encountered a middle school principle of comparable, weird, rigidity some years ago.  I believe he has moved on and is now a superintendent somewhere.) 

Please note, while JordanCornblog may veer off in odd directions when left rudderless, we are assiduously avoiding that story out of Kansas about the woman and the toilet.

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