My Money's on Belmont!

… yes Belmont … er, for the first round, anyway!  What an upset that would be, huh?  The big dance gets underway today for the men and on Saturday for the women.  Check out the new “March Madness” page here on JordanCornblog, where you see how things are lining up in our pool.

Meanwhile, on the “no easy answers” front, I read this morning that flourescent, energy-saving bulbs pose risks that have heretofore been less-than-common-knowledge.  Mercury is the issue – and it’s quite sobering to read the contaminating potential of even a tiny bit.  I’d enourage everyone to keep an eye open for more info on this front.

In Oman, Cheney is talking Iran and nukes again … and going fishing (safer than hunting, I guess).  Meanwhile, his lackey’s approval ratings have dropped 40 points since the start of the Iraq War.  Where, oh where, were all those disapprovers five years ago?!

And finally, for what was (for me) a helpful perspective on the Bear, Stearns debacle, check out Nomi Prins piece from Mother Jones  … reprinted in ComonDreams.

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