Belmont Miracle … Almost!

What a game that was last night!  Belmont nearly did it, but Duke squeaked by with a 1-point win!  Meanwhile, in the one upset of the night, USC was ousted by a feisty, 11th seeded, Kansas State team.  The Wildcats expected great things from Michael Beasley going in … but who knew about his freshman compadres … Bill Walker, Jacob Pullen, Ron Anderson and Dominique Sutton?    A fun team to watch – they’ll face Wisconsin on Saturday!

So how do things stand after Day One in JordanCornblog bracketland?  First off, congratulations to the Howe-Dewdneys for having FULL PARTICIPATION (in the Men’s Bracket, that is).  The Bracketology Committee is deliberating, as of this writing, about what sort of prize might be appropriate for such a feat!  Those much-deserved kudos aside, it looks like everyone’s doing pretty well so far … with Mike leading the pack, and Doris and Don rounding it out!  Stay tuned, though … as we’ve barely started, and life in bracket-land is nearly as fluid as on Wall Street these days! 

PS  Tyler and Morgan … uh … please note Cynthia and Rachel’s scores!  (Trash talking is encouraged … just use the “Comments” option and have at it!) [TABLE=12]

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7 Responses to Belmont Miracle … Almost!

  1. Hey Mo … looks like you’ve got it all covered! I had Pitt winning … and it looks like that’s what most folks had in our group. What a game!


  2. Morgan says:

    But on your bracket group I had Pitt winning but with my family I have Michigan St. winning.


  3. Morgan says:

    Actually I had Michigan St. winning but my brother and my Dad have Pitt. But now Pitt lost! I was looking at my dad’s bracket when i was writing that last comment.


  4. I bet you’re right about MSU-Pitt, Morgan … I really like the Pittsburgh coach. Meanwhile … I am still replaying the final seconds of that Belmont-Duke game in my head. Just as you say … AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!


  5. Morgan says:

    I can’t wait utill the Michigan St. vs. Pittsburgh game tonight, it is going to be a great game. Also I was so surprised that my brother had San Diego beating UConn and he actually got it right. Last night 3/21 I was so surprised about all of the upsets, I didn’t even call any of them AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!


  6. JordanCornblog says:

    Hey there, Morgan, you are so right about those upsets today. Tyler was the only one in our whole pool who nailed that San Diego upset!

    And thanks for starting the trash talking, by the way! Speaking of trash talk, though, I can’t wait to hear what your aunt has to say about your National Champ choice on the women’s side. Man … I don’t want to be in the room when you discuss THAT with her!


  7. Morgan says:

    All of you guys just wait untill UNC wis the whole thing! And tonight 3/21 St.Joes will upset Oklahoma, no dought about it!!! And also Oregon will beat Mississippi St. ( another upset). My Mom is not doing to well today with Drake and UConn losing. And what about that shoking upset San Diego beating UConn. WOW!! My brother called that, he had UConn losing to San Diego!!


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