Westful Wednesday … Weally

Okay everyone, get to bed EARLY tonight … because it all starts up again tomorrow!  West up … or maybe do a wittle weading about waccoons!

The women rounded out their Sweet Sixteen last night, and here’s how it stands.  All of the number 1 and number 2 seeds moved into the next round.  The number 3 seeds in New Orleans and Oklahoma City (meaning Duke and Oklahoma State) also moved on with wins over Arizona State and Florida State respectively.  On the other side of the bracket, both #3’s succumbed to their #6 rivals (George Washington and Pittsburgh).  Meanwhile, the #5 seeds did well last night, both beating their #4 rivals (ODU defeated Virginia in overtime, and Notre Dame knocked off Oklahoma to advance). 

Kudo’s to Pat Summitt, as the Lady Vols gave her her 100th tournament win.  Congratulations to Duke’s Chante Black who scored career-high numbers in leading Joanne P. McCallie’s Blue Devils to the Sweet Sixteen!  Jazzmin Walters gave ODU the win over the Virginia Cavaliers in OT after a great back-and-forth battle in the East. 

Also in the East, Connecticut eliminated Texas on blistering 60% shooting … and a game that will stop any questions about whether or not nerves have gotten to Maya Moore!  Notre Dame advanced … and along with Pitt and UConn, they are giving their schools reason to keep cheering, even though their male counterparts have been ousted.

UNC defeated a tough Georgia team, and Maryland continues to move ahead, despite also continuing to look a little shakey!  Finally, Louisville, led by Angel McCoughtry (and having Concord’s own Becky Bonner as an Assistant Coach) rolled past Kansas State and into the Sweet Sixteen.  They face UNC next … and given half a chance, I think that could be one of the first really big upsets of the tournament.  (Remember, I was ALMOST right about Belmont!)

In JordanCornblog Bracket Land, Jane and Morgan/Murray continue to lead the pack .. but as time goes on we are beginning to see some definite shifting.  Gary has made a leap from his perch out on the West Coast, while Don and Rachel are keeping just ahead of him.  Stay tuned … things will shift around a lot in the coming days!

Morgan, rest up … we need more of your trash talk … especially once the men start in again! [TABLE=20]

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2 Responses to Westful Wednesday … Weally

  1. Ah, too true. Luck plays a big role in the early rounds. We won’t know for sure that skill and basketball knowledge have come to the fore … until JordanCornblog takes the lead!!!!! πŸ˜‰


  2. PaulaLR says:

    Jane doesn’t even watch basketball, she did the bracket in less than a minute….go figure…


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