So What to Write About … 'Til the Men Go Back at It?

The silence it is deafening,
when Morgan’s trash talk ends,
and Alice leaves the country …
We feel bereft of friends!

How long will this haiatus stretch?
I hear it’s not so long!
The hoop wars, they begin afresh
before Thursday is gone!

So what to write?  What to write indeed!  There’s a whole, great big wonderful non-basketball-related world out there.  I can almost see it through my bleary eyes. 

First, on the not-so-wonderful front, there’s the stepped up violence in Iraq.  But wait?  Maybe it’s not so bad after all!  The Pentagon tells us that this is a good thing … a result of the success of the surge.  That’s great to hear, because now that the economy is strong again and we only have a few more weeks ’til we get our humungous rebate windfalls, I didn’t want to have to get worried or depressed or anything.

But wait … maybe I should be … worried and depressed, that is.  Or angry.  Or incensed.  Or ashamed.  The off-court madness is the real deal … horribly real.  It makes the scandal-ridden sports world look innocent.

Sorry … this wasn’t the tack I was expecting to take today.  Guess reality intruded …

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