Friday Tidbits

First off, this header for a story on MSNBC caught my eye … “Clinton Veers to Dark Side” … it says.  “Uh oh,” I thought, “something nefarious here!”  Turns out it’s a story about how, in her stump speeches, she uses real-life stories to illustrate her points.  Real life, I guess, is “The Dark Side.”  I have to say, the header struck me as just a tad misleading … just a tad biased.  Had I not read the story, I’d have thought this was about Hillary being nasty to Obama (or someone) again! Come on, folks!  The dark side … isn’t that Dick Cheney’s territory?

Oh Father, Where Art Thou?I read on Politico that Oliver Stone has a Dubya biopic in the works.  Don’t know if I could stand to watch.  Sounds like it’s the tale of an Oedipal misadventure that, unfortunately, didn’t take place in Shakespeare’s brain … but rather cost trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives … not to mention Yale’s reputation! 

The Phillies won

Tennessee’s Candace Parker has been cleared to play in the Final Four.  Meanwhile, 40 years after Martin Luther King’s assassination, Memphis is coming together around it’s basketball team.

The first day of CONCACAF saw: 

  • Group B=Canada over Trinidad & Tobago, 6-0
  • Group A=Mexico over Jamaica, 8-1

If Mexico beat Jamaica 8-1, it’s a little scary to think about today’s finals score.  (Kick-off is at 7:30 PM PT, I believe.)  Apparently TVC Deportes is carrying the game … but I haven’t heard of anyone who’s actually found the station.  I’ll keep you posted!  Meanwhile, while you wait, here’s a Q&A with Heather O’Reilly from US Soccer.

PS:  It’s SNOWING this morning in Canterbury, NH!!!!  Snowing HARD!

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