Get Well Wishes to HollyCornblog and Her Radius!

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We are sad to report that HollyCornblog took a tumble and fractured her radius – an injury that takes about 6 weeks to heal.

It sounds like her radius is hurting her a lot less than her wrist and ribs (which were not broken). Go figure!

Heal well, and heal soon, HollyCornblog!

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7 Responses to Get Well Wishes to HollyCornblog and Her Radius!

  1. CB says:

    Yes! That’s it!


  2. Delete scores … NO WAY! Those are in the history books for posterity (and then post-posterity)!

    As for Pat Summitt … to know her is to love her. She dislocated her shoulder protecting her Lab from a nasty raccoon for goodness sakes! She’s a raw-boned, strong-jawed, Tennessee woman with attitude and some strong opinions. What’s the problem … does she remind you of Walchak or something? πŸ˜‰


  3. HollyCornblog says:

    Hi again, and you are right CB, the picture does look like the radius is the wrist, but it is one of the two bones that run from the wrist to the elbow. I broke mine at the very tip by the elbow, and broke my wrist near the end of the other bone, the ulna. Luckily it isn’t too bad of a break, so I don’t need a cast, just a sling and my wrist has a removable splint. I am with you, Pat Summit gives me the heebie jeebies too!!!!

    Doris will be very happy March Madness is over also. She was wondering if JordanCornblog could delete those scores from her blogs.


  4. CB says:

    Radius is the elbow? It doesn’t look like the elbow in the picture. It looks like the wrist. I broke my elbow one time. Oh, Holly! Find yourself an excellent sports-oriented physical therapist for when the cast comes off. Preferably one with a little respect for Tennessee. Know anybody like that? And start eating your calcium!!!!
    I just turned on the game prompted by JordanCornblog but it was a tough choice. Pat Summit gives me the heebie jeebies and Boston Legal is beckoning….


  5. HollyCornblog sure has me taking care on stairs now!

    On the paddling front, she got herself a sunfish late last summer, so I’m guessing this whole wrist/elbow thing won’t cramp her aquatic style much. (And she may not admit it when she IS able to paddle, as once she’s able to paddle, that’ll mean she’s able to vacuum … which might be something she’ll be wanting to keep under wraps as long as possible.)

    On an entirely different subject, CB, you’ll be very glad to know that March Madness is over tonight … the soccer Olympic Qualifying is over tomorrow … and so before week’s end we’ll be back to the wider world of … whatever!


  6. HollyCornblog says:

    Thanks, I can type, but it will be a while before I can paddle. We found out today I broke my wrist too. It is early in the season, so hopefully I will be paddling by July.


  7. CB says:

    Poor HollyCornblog. Sounds like quite a fall. Can she still type? How about paddle?
    Get well soon, HollyCornblog.


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