HollyCornblog Injury Update

CarpalsNot to be outdone by Pat Summitt (dislocated shoulder x1) and Candace Parker (dislocated shoulder x2) we have learned that HollyCornblog not only broke her radius (see yesterday’s story) but also her wrist (some small bone whose name we THINK is pisiform). We hope that she heals well and soon … and keeps us posted on how she’s progressing as paddling season approaches!

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2 Responses to HollyCornblog Injury Update

  1. Thanks, Beeg … that’s a pretty creepy mnemonic!


  2. BJ says:

    RE: bones of the wrist, Never Lower Tillie’s Pants, Mother Might Come Home (each capital letter stands for the real name, e.g. P for pisiform; this is from my dad’s era in learning bones)

    Sorry to HollyCornblog – this is a bad winter for the wrists of friends of JordanCornblog!


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