It Should Happen to Yoo

In hearings on Capital Hill, the US “Justice” Department continues to dazzle with precious parsing about the October 2001 Torture Memo. The word play would have had folks all over Bill Clinton a few years ago. Guess it’s a different world now, huh? Attorney General Michael “Stonewall” Mukasey got a little bit further in his answers than his predecessor who, you’ll recall … couldn’t. But Senator Feinstein struggled mightily and came up with very little. It was an exasperating exchange with yet another public servant from the Bush Administration.

Meanwhile, those who actually “operationalized” the wishes of our imperial President … people on the ground like Lynndie England … are suffering the consequences. She’s been thoroughly repudiated by the self-righteous white guys who wouldn’t actually spit on the likes of her. No, they’ll just use the Lynndie England’s of the world when it serves their ends, and then turn around and go to church and spout religious platitudes that far too many in America continue to swallow. (Oh, and not Reverand Wright’s church, mind you … a much nicer church, where you can authorize the gouging out of people’s eyes and give thanks for your salvation without worrying about cognitive dissonance.)

Meanwhile, people like John Yoo, author of the infamous memo that Feinstein and Mukasey were sparring about, is a law professor at UC Berkeley. Some individual made that hiring decision. Specific individuals work with this dude. Particular people cut his paychecks, sign them, go to his classes, evaluate his work. So who are these individuals? Isn’t anyone at UC Berkeley upset about this?

Guess the buck stopped at Lynndie England.

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