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It sounds like Briana Scurry is not out of the Olympic picture for the USWNT, but she’s probably third amongst three goalies (Hope Solo and Nicole Barnhart being the other two). It’ll be interesting to see what kind of playing time she gets in the upcoming domestic matches. (And it’ll be interesting, too, to see how Pia manages it all … as she continues to clean up the mess that Greg Ryan made of things.)

Meanwhile, further down in that article, what’s with Sylvia Fowles dissing Minnesota?

Mark Ziegler, in his article in the San Diego Union Tribune, delves a little deeper into the work that Sundhage is doing, and the challenges she faces as she tries to get this team up and running again for the Olympics. Interesting to read that Abby can be abrasive … not entirely surprising. I know I have many fond memories of rooting against her when the Breakers played the Freedom down at BU on Nickerson Field … screaming, “Abby get up!” when she’d take one of her (many) dives. Those were the days!

Carli and her recent awardsThen, from the wilds of South Jersey (Delran, to be precise) we have Carli Lloyd, who is really beginning to come into her own on the USWNT. This article gives a glimpse of her work ethic, her roots, and how she’s feeling about her play, the team, and Coach Sundhage. Delran in Beijing … who’d a thunk!

From USA Today’s Olympic Roundup, we have the following: Women’s national soccer team player Kate Markgraf said goalie Hope Solo being kicked off the World Cup team last summer was a difficult time.

“(But) we stuck together as a team,” she said. “That was a seminal moment, because now we’re able to see what worked and what didn’t work. Hope and everyone else all worked together to come up with a standard of what we’d like our team to be.

“I think sometimes bad things need to happen for good things to come out of it.”

When Pia Sundhage replaced Greg Ryan as coach, she reinstated Solo. Sundhage will name the 18-player Olympic squad at the end of June or in early July, according to media spokesman Aaron Heifetz.

I don’t know about you, but I love it when world class athletes use expressions like “seminal moment.” (Sure wish our President could … sigh!)

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    Soccer / Football greats you should write about next!


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