Whiffs of McCarthyism … So Strong … So Wrong

TPM has more this morning on the Dem’s debate on Wednesday night and the flag pin question to Barack. This is disturbing on so many levels I hardly know where to begin … but let’s start with the mere fact that anyone CARES whether he wears a flag pin or not!

It’s not Nash McCabe that I’m upset with. While the whole flag pin thing is petty as hell, it sounds like she has somewhat more substantial, thought-through reasons for her opinions. But did ABC explore those reasons? No … they used her to take a cheap hit at Obama on a petty issue. They took a large stage and used it to narrow rather than broaden the debate. With the stakes as high as they are, and the issues as pressing as they are, to spend time on a flag pin is just ludicrous. No … worse.

Questioning people’s patriotism has become the norm under the Bushies and it’s disheartening to see it being used amongst the Dems in this way. The wiffs of McCarthyism are so strong … and so wrong. What are we so afraid of?

Here we have Obama being skewered for talking to a neighbor who was once (and maybe still is) a radical. So what? Why aren’t we more disturbed by the cronyism of the Bush administration? Why aren’t we more disturbed about Cheney’s secret meeting with the energy execs way-back-when, than with who Barack serves on a board with or whose church he goes to? Why aren’t we more upset about Halliburton and Blackwater and the millions of taxpayer dollars that they’ve netted … than about a lapel pin? Have we all lost our minds?

ABC should be ashamed of it role in helping to debase the political discussion in this country. I didn’t expect a lot from them … but this is a new low.

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