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I read this morning about a marathon other than that really famous Boston one, that’s also taking place down in Boston – the women’s Olympic qualifying trials. Heidi Westerling of Acworth and Kasie Enman (now of Huntington, Vt.), two top NH runners when they were in high school in the late 1990s, will be trying out with the 159 other runners who qualified for the trials tomorrow. Another familiar name there is Joan Benoit Samuelson, who won it all in 1984 and is still in the mix at 50 (the oldest runner in the field).

Two Trials-Emily and MaddieEmily LeVan is a competitor from Wiscasset, ME. Her website, Two Trials, chronicles her training along with her young daughters fight against childhood leukemia – and the family’ efforts to raise money for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program.

Check the website for tomorrow’s 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials for more information about the route and the runners!

On a personal note, I’ve gotta report that on our past two gorgeous spring evenings, I’ve put my running shorts on and headed out to the local roads to move my bones. It’s felt great, and while my pace is just barely hitting the 12-minute mark (and this for 2 miles, not 26), I’m glad to have broken the ice and look forward to continuing. The exercise is great AND it offers, for however long I’m out, some nice quiet time for getting reacquainted with myself. That’s a huge, additional benefit (and I am quite sure will lead to a better quality of life .. not to mention improved blog entries)!

I’ve added a couple of new blogs to my links. First, check out Women’s Sports Blog, which I found via Boltgirl. The FAQ’s are priceless, and the coverage of soccer and other sports looks to be wide-ranging, substantive and funny … who could possibly complain!? The other, After Atalanta, is tagged: “A blog dedicated to discussions of gender and sports.” Thought-provoking and also wide-ranging … it’s definitely worth checking out!

And finally, if you click the link to USA Women’s Soccer you’ll see that the site is basically on long-term hiatus. This is because Karyn Lush has a new gig, writing and blogging for the new league. So you’ll be able to read her posts at the Women’s Professional Soccer site. I’m leaving the old link up, however – for the great collection of links and archives, and for access to Karyn’s excellent piece on the 1991 USWNT: The Birth of a Legacy.

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