VA Cover-Up – Nice Job Katzie

This sorry story about Dr. Ira Katz’ e-mail cover-up of veterans’ suicide statistics is just disgusting, if true. (And given the track record of this administration, I have to think it’s true. As with the response to Hurricane Katrina … not to mention the Iraq War, someone is profiting and raking in taxpayer dollars … but it doesn’t appear to be the people for whom the dollars were ostensibly intended.)

According to an 11/06 story about the VA’s mental health services, “VA attention to mental health care has strengthened over the last few years in an attempt to keep up with the health care needs of the newest generation of veterans. In FY 2005, the funding allocated for mental health care in VA was about $2.4 billion. The projected funding for FY 2007 is about $3.15 billion.”

It’s not that I don’t think we should be supporting those who’ve served … just that we ought to be doing it competently and with integrity- qualities that this administration appears to be incapable of mustering (except in their hypocritical, platitudinous way). Platitudinous … is that a word?

Anyway – here’s an article with lots of links at the VA Watchdog Site – for more information on this evolving story.

And finally, I want to share an article about Hillary that HollyCornblog recommends … I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

Speaking of HollyCornblog – stay tuned for an update on her and Charlie HopBrew’s beer-making exploits this weekend.

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