USWNT Defeats Australia on Another Carli Lloyd Game Winner

Wet wambachIn a rain-delayed game that saw the return of Heather Mitts to the pitch … and three goals in the final 6 minutes (including stoppage time) … the USWNT defeated Australia 3-2. It was a wild one (judging from the MatchTracker commentary, and from the write-up on the Matilda’s site, too!) Wondering just how wet it was? Check out the photo of Abby being tackled by Claire Polkinghome #11 of the Australian Women’s National Team yesterday.

Here’s what Pia had to say about pulling out the win … “You are 2-0 up, and then 2-1 and 2-2 and you can see in the body language that we still wanted to win,” said U.S. head coach Pia Sundhage. “When we got the free kick, you could feel it. That feeling is contagious. The goal is just huge, even though it’s just a friendly game, but still that goal is huge. Not only for Carli, but for the whole team including myself, because it gives you the feeling you can win no matter what.”

Here are more great pictures of the game from Getty Images. Player of the Match Carli Lloyd, along with her USWNT compatriots have a rematch with the Aussies on May 3 in Birmingham, Alabama … and this one is actually being TELEVISED! It’s LIVE on the Fox Soccer Channel at 5PM ET.  Check it out … you won’t have many other chances in the run up to the Olympics!

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