Hucles Back With Boston Breakers in 2009 … We Hope!

Angela HuclesHere’s a nice article from the WPS site about Angela Hucles … and the changes in her life that have come about as a result of the WUSA (and her hard work). I’m psyched to hear she wants to be back with the Breakers!

I had never liked that San Diego trade that was inked just before the WUSA folded! Our season tickets were right near Angela’s parents in the Nickerson Field stands … and we discovered (not long after the Breakers had folded) that we shared an alma mater, as well as a love of soccer!

Anyway … as a reminder of what nearly happened, here’s Angela’s page on the apparently-not-yet-quite-defunct San Diego Spirit website. Interesting stuff … I hadn’t known that she scored the first-ever Breakers’ goal, back in the day!)

Here’s Angela’s official site … and her page on the US Olympic site.

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