Title-less Tidbits on Thursday

I was noodling around the WPS site this morning and came upon this interesting blog post about The Forgotten History of Women’s Soccer … so thought I’d share the post and add the site (Soccer Science) to my Links. It meshes the worlds of soccer and technology in what look like some very interesting ways.

The news on the housing front seems unremittingly grim these days … so I wanted to share a very very positive development. In a recent interview on NHPR and article in the New Hampshire Business Review, we see that “the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund is launching ROC USA, a new organization to foster resident-owned communities in some 27 states.  The … national organization will be based out the Loan Fund’s office in Concord.”

ROC USA is modeled after one of the Loan Fund’s very successful and longstanding programs that, for years, has helped manufactured home owners buy their parks – offering both technical assistance and help with access to capital. Best of luck to Paul Bradley, Juliana Eades, and everyone at the NH Community Loan Fund as they embark on this great expansion of their core work with ROC USA!

Finally, I had a weird dream last night in which a constituent of John McCain’s was speaking passionately about how betrayed he felt by McCain’s pandering to the Right and parroting of the Bush line on so many things. The guy was close to tears as he spoke to a rather stony and impassive McCain. After he had finished, McCain stood silently and then just opened both hands, palms toward the camera, revealing the scars he garnered during his captivity all those years ago. That was it.

Snarling CheneyI awoke, horrified, that this stigmata could be enough to address all questions and satisfy people that the man is someone they want as president. Can we get a little more sophisticated here … please? Let’s all remember what Pat Buchanan said about McCain a couple of months ago when he concluded a segment on the Today show by arguing that McCain “will make Cheney look like Gandhi.” Please, everyone … don’t let his scars sway you!

And, last, but definitaly not least … congratulations, RPE! (We may tap you to serve as JordanCornblog’s roving reporter in Tanzania in 2009!)

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10 Responses to Title-less Tidbits on Thursday

  1. CB says:

    No, the William Penn Inn. But the Llanerch Diner is still there and probably serves it. It recently dawned on me that snapper soup is probably a Philly thing.


  2. JordanCornblog says:

    OMG … was it at the Llanerch Diner?


  3. CB says:

    And snapper soup with a tiny carafe of cooking sherry on the side.
    My mother ordered snapper soup fairly recently. I was horrified on several levels.


  4. JordanCornblog says:

    A great place … home to many left-leaning theologians that I remember with fondness (from back in the day when I paid attention to such things … and summer meant AM radio and cigarettes and late nights driving around aimlessly debating … ah yes .. and gas at $.25 a gallon)!


  5. CB says:

    My rate is one less, actually. I forwarded your dream snippet to a friend who retired and entered the left-leaning Union Theological Seminary.


  6. JordanCornblog says:

    Hah – but you’ll note that I’ve posted about one dream … out of, what, maybe 514,325 or so? I bet you dream about Hegel with about the same frequency as I do the stigmata. 😉


  7. CB says:

    Nevertheless, I am highly impressed by the sophistication of the symbolism in your dreams!


  8. JordanCornblog says:

    I know (re. the ads). If McCain is one of the keywords, the Google ads pick it up and display whatever comes up a “relevant.” Same with Clinton and Obama … and Soccer. Its a catch-22. As for the stigmata … you’re right, it was just a dream. (I keep wishing the same could be said about the Bush Administration … which has been equally surreal.)


  9. CB says:

    P.S. If you want to be horrified, one of the Google ads on this page just now was recruiting people to join the McCain 08 campaign. Is your name JordanCornblog and do you approve that message?


  10. CB says:

    In reference to McCain’s stigmata addressing all the questions: It was just a dream….


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