Home from HollyCornblog's

I had a great visit with HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew and will be sharing tidbits about it Tennessee High Top!as time goes on. One thing I learned was that HollyCornblog was slightly offended that Pia Sundhage’s name was so much bigger than her own in the tag cloud. I tried to explain how that all works, but I don’t think that HollyCornblog was truly mollified. So please bear with me as I write numerous posts that include her name as a keyword .. and attempt to level the playing field. In the meanwhile, how do you like the cool … little sneaker that she made (and that I absconded with)? I think that she should make a bunch of ’em and sell them someplace, don’t you? This one is the Tennessee Lady Vol’s version! (Pen included, to give you a sense of the proportion of it.) I’m using it as a paperweight.

So what else has been happening in the world since I’ve been gone? I see that Bob Barr wants to run for President as a Libertarian. Love that Bob!

Oh yes, and in another story on the McClatchy site, it’s noted that Obama is wearing a flag pin in West Virginia. Too bad that’s considered newsworthy … but here I am doing it, too! 😉

I’ve still gotta post more news of the USWNT, and update the stats on their page, and get together my pictures from my trip so I can post about beer-making adventures and a visit to some hidden castles … and other things that I’m sure you’re waiting for … drumming your fingers on your computer table, no doubt. Sorry – I’ll be back up to speed shortly, I’m sure!

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