HollyCornblog Update and Other News

JordanCornblog Capping Some BrewsHollyCornblog is now in Florida, where she watched the Flyers lose Game 3 of their match-up with the Penguins … and where I am sure she will be sampling Florida hops and learning all sorts of new brewing tricks. It was great fun to witness some bottling when I was visiting this past weekend. I even got to cap a bunch of the bottles with the little gizmo pictured to the left (which I had nearly gotten the hang of using by the time we were done). But there’s more … Hillary defeated Obama as expected in West Virginia … and while it is not anticipated that it will make a difference, this victory apparently means that the race will go (read that drag) on. I don’t see any healing happening yet!

On the soccer front (I know that some of you have been waiting breathlessly for this … others … maybe not), rumor has it that the USWNT will be playing Brazil once or twice in July. Now THOSE games have GOT to be televised … or I’ll eat my hops! Here are the actual details … straight from Pia’s mouth, as quoted in The Washington Post … “U.S. Notes: Plans have been finalized for friendlies at Norway on July 2 and Sweden three days later. Games against Brazil on July 13 outside Denver and July 16 in San Diego are also in the works, Sundhage said.” And for more USWNT news, here’s a nice blog/chat/video from the Washington Post and also an article about Pia and her coaching style – and how the players are responding.

Here’s our President (ugh) in a wide-ranging and typically idiotic and despicable interview yesterday: ““I could have supported a lousy [Kyoto] treaty and everybody would have went, ‘Oh, man, what a wonderful-sounding fellow he is,’” Bush said. ‘But it just wouldn’t have worked.'”

Would have went? Oh my ever-loving god … yes, what a wonderful-sounding fellow he is. I don’t know why I put myself (or you) through it … it’s like having a sore tooth that you can’t leave alone. Worse, though … much worse. I suppose that ridiculing him gives me the illusion that I have some power and/or control in this ghastly situation.

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2 Responses to HollyCornblog Update and Other News

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    LOL – I know just what you mean!


  2. CB says:

    I want HollyCornblog’s life.


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