Fascinating Friday Footie Factoids

Fair Game Magazine has, in this issue, a nice article about the recent documentary featuring the German Women’s National Team. Apparently the documentary has had English subtitles added .. and is available on You-Tube in multiple segments. Cool.

It’s been confirmed that the USWNT will play Brazil twice in July … and BOTH GAMES WILL BE ON TV! Sounds like these will be their last two games before the Olympics. Nice way to tune up, I’d say!

Natasha KaiI hope Natasha Kai is continuing her inspired play when they meet Brazil. Here’s a nice Kai Blog from the Washington Post … seems she’s captured some hearts and minds (and other body parts, perhaps) in DC! And Pia is pleased … and was clearly not-so-pleased, early on, with Ms. Natasha’s attitude and preparation (read her comments toward the end of the article, where she minces no words)!

Finally – here’s the soccer page on NBC’s Olympics site … so you can start exploring. There are some good video interviews, bios, etc.  Time to start tuning up for the Olympics!

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