I Made Jeff Bezos and George Bush Happy This Week

Yup, I did. It’s kind of a drag to admit the latter .. but there it is. How, you ask? What could possibly please these two rather different versions of homo erectus? (And yes, I mean erectus. Have you ever seen how Dubya walks? That stupid swagger of his? Definitely erectus.)

Anyway … yup … I went and spent a part of my “stimulus” check at Amazon on … drumroll … can you guess … JordanCornblog’s Kindlea Kindle! Very nifty little gadget from what I can tell so far … and PC World pretty much likes it, too! (I’m still finishing up an actual, old-fashioned paper-and-ink book, so haven’t spent time yet reading the Kindle in bed … which will be the true test.)

But so far so good. I’ve got the battery charged and have read Jeff’s welcome message and part of the Kindle Guide …. and have downloaded my first $8.80 tome from the Kindle Store (The Gathering).

Hey, Bookeaters, watch out! No more fifty-page rule for yours truly!

Meanwhile, I see that Obama has garnered John Edwards’ endorsement and has also apologized to a Detroit reporter whom he called “sweetie,” noting that he has a “bad habit of calling people sweetie.”

People?  Puhlease! At least fess up to the sexism and admit that it’s women and not people, Barack! Somehow I think, had you called Chris Matthews-type people sweetie we’d have heard about it much sooner than now. 😉

It’s not the end of the world … but I must admit to feeling very bummed about this bad habit.  It’s the kind of sexist language that is always dismissed and downplayed as meaningless … but it’s diminishing … and it really, really bugs me. Especially in a guy with a strong wife and two daughters!

Judging from this April 4th post on Jezebel … it’s not a new thing, this sweetie habit, either.  A racial parallel, like using the word boy, springs to mind.  Haven’t we been through that already in this campaign? It wasn’t so lightly brushed off – and shouldn’t have been.  Nor should this. 

Could it be simmering anger at Hillary coming out?  Come on, Barack … own this and move on.  Work on it.  Bad habits can be changed … if you want to … right?

Sorry – nothing about HollyCornblog today.  She’s still in Florida (where rumor has it it’s 87 degrees and sunny).

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