Bob Barr the Libertarian Spoiler … Memorial Day Musings … and Other Monday Meanderings

Bob BarrOne can only hope that Mr. Barr, the new Libertarian nominee for President, will do for the Republicans what Mr. Nader did for the Democrats in 2000. Anything that will help turn the tide is good in my book. While I never in a million years thought I’d have been happy to hear that the self-righteous Mr. Barr of the Clinton impeachment days was running for anything … turns out I am!

And here is a piece from the CommonDreams site about Memorial Day on how we might best honor our soldiers … and on how thoroughly we dishonor them now. “A report released by the Rand Corporation last month indicates that approximately 300,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffer PTSD or major depression. That’s one of every five military men and women who have served over there.” And yet the response from so many in the bureaucracy is to try to hide statistics such as these … as opposed to setting about the business of honestly trying to deal with them.

Meanwhile, on the hop trellis front, here’s a picture of HollyCornblog HollyCornblog and Hop Trellisstanding in front of the recently-installed trellis. This gives a good sense of how big it is. I was actually rather shocked! When I wrote yesterday about the Eagles doing some field goal practice there, I thought I was kidding – but apparently I was not!

Speaking of the Eagles … I am reminded that another Philly team (the Phillies to be exact) won yesterday. Now, if only Ryan Howard would get into a groove!

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