Fist Bumping Rules!

The Fist Bump Heard ‘Round the WorldWow, did you know that fist-bumping was such an issue in the US of A?

Actually, until last week, I’m not sure I’d have remarked on fist-bumping one way or t’other. And I had no idea that it was a secret signal of Islamo-Fascists or thugs. Here’s one scary comment about it from the web …”It is more evidence of the penetration and corruption of our dominant culture by the minority. There will be a lot more of this if Obama gets into the White House.” (I feel so proud to be an American sometimes that it actually hurts.)

Now this fist bump seems something I’d like to incorporate into my repertoire. Yes, definitely. If only to annoy folks I will thoroughly enjoy annoying.

Oh yes, and meanwhile, it seems that there’s a fair amount of fist-bumping going on in the so-called dominant culture, too.

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