Wednesday Randomness

First – in this great find, Boltgirl gives us another glimpse of the GOP candidate’s foreign relations creds. (I ‘m actually starting to wonder if McCain is okay.)

The speculation and curiosity about Obama’s Veep Vetting grows, as does the number of names on his list. Interesting collection … but John Kerry? Really? I think we already did that. And as the Joe Lieberman-backstabbing-Obama story gets clearer and deeper, we learn that Scarlet Johansson’s loyalties are absolutely undivided.

Back to the guy that Joe likes … that McCain guy. Here’s another good piece – this one about his record on women’s health and reproductive rights. Psssst … do something!

On the USWNT front, at least some of the Peace Queen Cup games will be shown on MBC ESPN. TvAnts has the MBC ESPN channel … but it’s not clear whether other channels will be covering the games or whether other programs (like Sopcast or TVU) will be showing them. I’ve had moderate success with Sopcast in the past … the others remain a bit of a mystery.

Check out the Peace Queen Cup site if/when you have a chance – it’s a cultural experience, to be sure!

Sadly, in men’s professional sports, the Celtics, Red Sox and Phillies all lost yesterday. Good to get it all out of the way at once, I say!

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