In Which I Mention HollyCornblog but NOT Pia (Oops … Guess I Just Did)!

Smarmy Joe Lieberman continues in his role as McCain’s toady, decrying “partisan attacks” after taking part in them so recently himself. Then there’s that whiny voice … the Dems should definitely give him the boot.

And Fox news on Michelle Obama? The graphic is bad enough … but then there’s the expression of disgust on the blond anchor’s pretty little face … ugh! The scary part is that millions of Americans lap that stuff up.

HollyCornblog (to move to a happier topic) has returned from the lake and sent a Evening Lakephoto of the shoreline in evening light. It sounds like it was hot, hot, hot (no surprise there).

While HollyCornblog has been sunning and swimming (and doing some dirty-work up there at the cabin, too) Walter Shapiro has been boning up on the Veep-stakes and the political theatre that accompanies it. James Carville wants Gore on the ticket, according to CNN, and Camille Paglia has weighed in with her choice and commentary.

And meanwhile … Stephanie Cox is jetting to South Korea to join her USWNT compatriots and get ready to play. Here is a link to a bunch of Peace Queen Cup videos.

Last, but definitely NOT least, here is a great response by Jennifer Doyle to that NY Times Magazine article about increased injuries to female athletes. Doyle pens a trenchant commentary on Michael Sokolove’s piece, noting the ways that it reinforces stereotypes and undermines what it sets out to support. The intersection between sexism and sport is still a busy place!

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2 Responses to In Which I Mention HollyCornblog but NOT Pia (Oops … Guess I Just Did)!

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    A long time. The house was built in 1902 and our great-grandmother started going there some years before then. We don’t own the lake 😉 … but do own the house.


  2. CB says:

    How long has that lake been in your family? Do you actually own the lake?


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