More on Cat's ACL – and Then Something Light for Your Lunchtime Enjoyment

Here’s an article from Cat Whitehill’s hometown newspaper, in which her dad seems to speculate about the relationship between hard training and her ACL tear. Pia has definitely had the team training hard – and Cat had been playing catch-up, as she came in a bit behind the eight ball on the fitness front. I am sure that at this level the effects of the stresses and strains of training are closely monitored … but with Osborne having gone down just 19 days previous to Cat, this is concerning. If nothing else, it certainly depletes the depth of the player pool!

Stephanie Cox and CrewMeanwhile, Stephanie Cox (far right) has arrived in South Korea and was able to join her USWNT buddies at the Hard Rock Cafe for some victuals!  And on an even lighter note … you MUST watch the video embedded in this post on the USWNT Blog.

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