Uh Oh! It's Friday the 13th and HollyCornblog is at Crystal Lake!

Friday the 13thWatch out for guys in hockey masks … is all I can say!

As for other news … hmmm … I may be just too nervous to come up with any. It’s gonna be a LONG day!

However, I must note that our Bush-whacked Supreme Court came through with a 5-4 vote upholding Habeas Corpus … yes, even under Bush … and even at Gitmo.

Also, look for John Cusak’s War, Inc. in theaters … it sounds like an on-the-money, satirical look at our current debacle in Iraq. Says Arianna Huffington in her recent post:

Cusack’s righteous rage over the billions being pocketed in Iraq by companies like Blackwater, Halliburton, and Bechtel is the beating heart of his brilliant War Inc. The film, a corrosive, audaciously funny takedown of the Right’s push toward privatized war, has become a surprise, grassroots-driven hit — despite having almost no ad money behind it.

Finally, we learn that, as a Republican ploy, emasculation gets the insecure white guys every time!

Be careful out there, HollyCornblog!

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