USWNT Beats Brazil and Tuesday is Off to a Flying Start

Unfortunately, USSF is not exactly being forthcoming on news of the USWNT vs. Brazil game. What I’ve been able to cobble together is that the USWNT won 1-0. The goal was scored by A-Rod. Abby played an awesome game … as did Boxx (based on some of the comments I read on BigSoccer). It sounds like Lloyd left the game early … and Rampone got hurt (don’t know how seriously). Brazil was without Marta and Christiane (both playing in Europe) … so we might not want to get too excited about this result. I’ll post any further information, as it becomes available .. and apologize prophylactically if anything I’ve shared here is incorrect! Meanwhile, here’s an article about Leslie Osborne and her ACL tear, for those who are dying for something soccer-related to read!

Lyon and Martin MarryIn San Francisco, longtime lesbian-feminist activists Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin were among those who got married yesterday. At 83 and 87 respectively, Lyon and Martin have been together for 50 years! “Several feet away sat a couple on vacation from Ireland who happened to stumble on the historic event. Christine Yearsley said she planned to stay at City Hall the rest of the afternoon to witness as much as she could.

‘This gentleman just told me there are two elderly ladies who are getting married today after being together for 50 years,’ she said. ‘They’re obviously committed! I think it’s terrific. They’re an example for heterosexuals, I think.'”

HollyCornblog’s Clouds and RaysHere’s a photo taken by HollyCornblog over the weekend – of the sky up at the lake. I post it to accompany a few bits of news, including:

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