Winning Another One for "Aunt Pia"

The USWNT defeated Canada 1-0 just a few hours ago, to become Peace Queen Cup champs for the second time on a goal Angela Hucles! Hucles also won the golden ball as the tournament MVP! Here’s the write-up from USSoccer.

Aunt PiaThe “Aunt Pia” part comes from a recent entry in the WNT Blog, in which Rylie Rampone is lobbying (along with most of the adults in the vicinity) for an ice cream stop after practice. HollyCornblog would vehemently disagree, no doubt, but personally, I’d LOVE to have an Aunt Pia!

Meanwhile, according to NBC Olympics, Pia will be naming her Olympic roster on Monday the 23rd. Of the current 22 players, she’ll be selecting 18 for the roster, with 2 alternates.  (I don’t know about you, but hearing that I can feel myself flashing back uncomfortably to crowds of girls in junior high school locker rooms, trying to see if their names are on the cut list just tacked up on the bulletin board!)

Something rather odd happened with my blog over the past 24 hours … I’ve had a sudden occurrence of 600-plus hits … all using the search term “fist pump.” I’ve got to think it was some kind of mechanized search – although there were something like 200 views to go along with all the searches. So it’s puzzling – and my suspicion is that the spate of searches is somehow campaign-related (some interns researching the fist-bump matter via a “poll” of the blogosphere).

Anyway, I did my own search on the term and along the way came upon this great piece on a blog out of Philly titled “the field negro.” I’ve added it to my links … for the great politics … not to mention the Philly conection!

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