Misty Monday

Phew – I’m late getting to it this morning – and pretty low on energy and inspiration, I’m afraid. It’s one of those days when cleaning the kitchen and the bathrooms is close to the apex of my ambition.

I’ve got some match quotes from the USWNT … and the reminder that later today Pia will be naming her roster for the Olympics.

I paid a weekend visit to a good friend in Cambridge and her family, where I managed to not humiliate myself in Scrabble (although I still lost) … and had a good time hanging out and catching up. Meanwhile, ChristopherCornblog returned yesterday from a visit with HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew. Here’s a The Dockphoto of where they spent a major portion of their time. (That’s CharlieHopbrew’s Betsie Bay kayak to the right.)

Speaking of kayaks … a Current Design Rumor has, just this weekend, joined the family. Congratulations, BJ … and happy paddling!

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