Oh No, Say it Ain't So! Phillies Have Lost Six in a Row!!!

Yup, that’s six in a row – and 8 out of their last 10. They lost to the Athletics last night 5-2. Anyone who grew up in Philly – or has spent any amount of time there – probably knows the feelings of panic and depression that are beginning to rear their ugly heads right about now. C’mon guys … don’t go there! πŸ˜‰

Solo Reacts During WWCMeanwhile, as stories and reactions to the USWNT Olympic roster appear in the media and blogosphere, it’s interesting how the whole Solo-Scurry controversy seems to be what people focus on (unless they are writing about a local favorite) … this piece from the LA Times being but one example.

That Solo was chosen over Scurry … and that Barnhart was, as well … is to my mind no big surprise. Scurry herself didn’t seem surprised … although in the interview linked in the above piece, she appears to blame it on not having received enough playing time, which strikes me as unfortunate.

Who knows what would have happened if Ryan hadn’t been such a doofus to begin with. Perhaps Scurry would have retired gracefully, as would have been fitting. As things stand, I can easily imagine that Bri feels her legacy as a player has been besmirched by that Brazil debacle and wants to go out on a high(er) note. To my mind, though, a graceful retirement is the best course. As this drags on, she will be more and more remembered as the keeper who wouldn’t leave – rather than the fierce and skilled competitor that she was.

Ah well … we’ll certainly keep you posted as things unfold.  Meanwhile, HollyCornblog is heading back up to the lake today, leaving off her homebrewing activities for a couple of days  and (hopefully) enjoying some good sailing weather before heading back to work. While you relax, HollyCornblog (and IF you have your computer with you) please peruse Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog … it never disappoints!

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