Robin Roberts Talks to Elizabeth Edwards … and More USWNT Olympic Roster News and Analysis

Here’s just a quick piece from The Huffington Post, highlighting a Robin Roberts interview with Elizabeth Edwards about her commitment to work with the Obama team – especially focusing on health care issues. Meanwhile Charlie Black’s disturbing statement quoted in Fortune Magazine has raised lots of eyebrows. I’ve linked to the Fortune article here. Check out the chart regarding the tax impact of the candidates’ two plans … as a nice illustration of the Fortune Magazine demographic!

Hucles, Buehler and RamponeMoving to less controversial fare, I’ve been monitoring news, analysis and human interest responses to Pia’s roster announcement yesterday. As you might expect, there are a number of articles focusing on the (now ancient) goalie controversy and it’s impact (apparently not) on the selection process. As well, there are lots of stories from around the country about local players who have attained the heights of US women’s soccer with their selection to this team. Here’s a sampling – in no particular order:

From the Kansas City Star, here is Mechelle Voepel writing about the mix of old(er) leadership and new talent on this 2008 Olympic roster. On the goalkeeper issue, and the fact that this is the first major tournament since 1991 without Briana Scurry on the roster, here are pieces from The Seattle Times and the LA Times.

LilMichael Lewis on has posted a nice piece about the changing of the guard for the USWNT.

Cincinnati’s own Heather Mitts is highlighted in this piece from the Cincinnati Enquirer which chronicles her tough journey back from injury. And here’s a profile of Amy Rodriguez from the LA Times.

Not to be outdone by the Trojans, the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers have weighed in about their own Carli Lloyd, who’s sure to burn up the soccer pitches in Beijing. Finally … the Florida Gators celebrate their Olympic representatives, while the Tarheel contingent continues to be strong.

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