Explicating the Eighteen … and Other Stuff

Lindsey Dolich (of ESPNsoccernet) has posted her analysis of the USWNT 18-woman Olympic Roster. I love the “battle cry” that she cites, as Pia continues her transformation of this team.

Embrace change. Be brave.

A profile of Pia went up on the NBC Olympic Site yesterday and I was interested to note that she debuted for the Swedish national team in 1975 … at age 15. She’s not too far from HollyCornblog’s age. (Tricky how I worked that in, eh?)

Also on ESPNsoccernet is Jen Chang’s nice write-up of a recent Steve-Nash-Sponsored charity soccer match pitting NBA and soccer players against one another in NYC. Sounds like a fun event that spotlighted, along with soccer pro’s, some surprisingly good soccer athletes from the NBA!

JordanCornblog’s soccer feed is now listed in Soccer Blogs – a compendium of all things soccer (at least in the blogosphere). check it out!

While I’m talking about the blogosphere, I want to let you know about a new blog. It’s called The Time Finder and it just went live this week. Paula Eder is The Time Finder – a coach, writer, and teacher whose insights about time are both inspiring and helpful. For thoughtful posts and very practical tips about time, this is the place to go!

Have a great day … and Happy Birthday, Don!
Remember …
Embrace change
. Be brave!

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