USWNT Wins Match But Loses Wambach

In a game featuring lots of possession, lots of tough tackles, and lots to build on, the USWNT prevailed over Brazil, again by a 1-0 score. Unfortunately, they lost stalwart forward Abby Wambach who went down after a first half collision and, as it turns out, broke two bones in her leg. She’s gone for 12-weeks, by reports I’m seeing – and will need surgery to repair the breaks (and insert a titanium rod in her leg).  Here’s Mark Zeigler on the match and Abby’s injury!

This is a huge blow for the team, as well as (obviously) for Abby. A terrible thing – and had it happened during Greg Ryan’s tenure, I’d be saying that it’s curtains for any hopes of gold. With Pia at the helm there is much more potential for figuring out a way to make lemonade out of this. They’ve been working on a multi-pronged attack, on being unpredictable and on being brave. Here’s an opportunity to be amazing!

As far as the game was concerned … Natasha Kai scored the game-winner on a nice header after A-Rod’s refusal to give up on the play (and Kai’s grit, too) netted a Carli Lloyd free kick outside and to the side of the box.

The US possessed the ball better than in the previous Brazil game, but they still need to be more patient in the attacking third (IMHO). I thought that Lloyd looked great, and was also impressed with A-Rod’s tenacity and Chalupny’s steadiness. Solo is solid and you could really see how her feet offer the defense another option when settling in to bring the ball forward.

All in all, a good effort by the USWNT under what must have been very trying circumstances as they lost one of their key players. Take care, Abby!

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2 Responses to USWNT Wins Match But Loses Wambach

  1. Oh no – what a shame! It was on FoxSoccer Channel – I wish I’d thought to e-mail you the # (although our channel wouldn’t have been the same as yours, most likely). Very tough game.


  2. Alice says:

    Last night I looked high and low to find this game among the hundreds of cable channels I pay for but only baseball, baseball and more baseball. Grrr! Sounds like I missed a good one. Ended well anyway (except for poor Abby alas). Thanks for the update.

    Go USA!


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