Cindy McCain's Small Plane and Other Wednesday Wrinkles

Here’s Cindy McCain speaking about “the only way to get around in Arizona.” (This is way too easy … I think I’m starting to feel a tad mean-spirited and guilty.) I’ll get over it, though.

Mark Zeigler writes from San Diego about tonight’s USWNT vs. Brazil match-up … the second this week. On Sunday the USWNT pulled out a 1-0 win on the strength of A-rod’s second game-winning goal against Brazil. As part of their prep for tonight’s game, looks like the USWNT enjoyed some down time (and some Mexican fare) and Rachel Buehler’s house.

Here’s the USSF preview of tonight’s match.

I find no match report from Beulah yet … but will keep checking, rest assured! Meanwhile, a couple of folks over at BigSoccer have posted photos. Here’s Gayle Bryan’s collection from practice this past Saturday, from Fair Game. And here are htide’s flickr photos of the Brazil match-up.

Finally, I’ve been curious about how many New Jersey-ites are on the USWNT. Looks like we’ve got four … Tobin Heath (Basking Ridge), Heather O’Reilly (East Brunswick), Carli Lloyd (Delran) and Christie Rampone (Point Pleasant). Not bad for the Garden State!

Last but not least … HollyCornblog continues to hold out … refusing to sign-up for Facebook.  We’ll increase the pressure, and see what happens!

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