Happy B-day Arianna – Plus the Usual Soccer Stuff and Other Miscellany

Yes, according to The Writer’s Almanac, it’s Arianna Huffington’s birthday. Best wishes – and I’m glad your journey landed you in the blogosphere!

From the Huffington Post, here’s a good piece my Tom Matzzie about the ongoing lobbying  from big oil and the Bush administration to allow off-shore drilling. Using inflated oil prices and the usual fear-mongering, they’re making one last push for big gains while their cronies hold the reins of power. We’ve got to be vigilant and not let this happen. Remember WMD and Iraq? Let’s wait for another administration before making any big decisions about anything, okay!!??

Lots of news on the soccer front, including a new blog find – The Sideliner out of LA. Still nothing from Beulah, but I’ll keep checking!

I thought I had something from the Washington Post – but turns out it was an AP piece – and I don’t know what their status is right now (that whole messy business of charging bloggers for using AP fare).

Turning to San Diego’s Union Tribune, here is a great article about Stanford’s (and the USWNT’s) Rachel Buehler by Mark Zeigler.

Finally, my friend (and Carli fan) MLD has offered to drive to Delran, NJ on Friday for an ice-cream-flavor-unveiling by none other than Ms. Lloyd!

And last but not least, I’ve been exploring Facebook and learning the in’s and out’s of it all. Right now my personal struggle is convincing HollyCornblog to sign up.

Anyone with thoughts on the subject should feel free to share them.

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