Cognitive Dissonance USA Style: Women Make Strides, and DV is on the Rise

Even as we celebrate women athletes heading to Beijing to compete in the Olympics, it must be sadly noted that domestic violence and deaths of US women at the hands of those “closest” to them is on the rise. With the blindly bullheaded Bush steering our ship, we arrogantly export “democracy” and tout “family values” … meanwhile ignoring/denying the violence and dysfunction within our own house (or actually supporting it, in that endearingly indirect fundamentalist way). The violence affects everyone – be it fatal or not.

The bloody trail of those deaths, along with injuries, crisscrosses the nation each year and overshadows women’s daily lives.

Nearly one-third of all U.S. women report experiencing violence from a current or former spouse or boyfriend at some point in their lives, according to the San Francisco-based Family Violence Prevention Fund.

The impact of violence spreads through families, health care services and the workplace, and is associated with far higher disease risk.

Deval Patrick has declared a state of “domestic violence emergency” in Massachusetts, where the death rate “nearly tripled to 42 in 2007 from 15 in 2005.” No one in the current Federal Administration is going to recognize or address the problem … which is all the more reason to work hard to bring anyone but a Republican into office in November!

In more upbeat news, we have a nice piece about the USWNT’s ARod, a piece by Michael Lewis of the NY Daily News with an overview of the USWNT’s Olympic chances, and a bit of Natasha Kai love from Melissa on the “WCB”. (And I am in TOTAL agreement about John Mayer, Melissa!)  And here’s the latest word from Beulah, in her forum (as Princess Sparkle Pony might say … “Yay!”):

I’ll try to get the July 16 match done this weekend. I’ll do my best to be more timely during the Olys but be warned that I have a conference out of town in the middle of it so there might be a game I don’t do/or am late with.

Finally … Manny in Philly??? Another Bad Boy on Broad Street? I don’t know … I’ve still got PTSD from the whole TO episode, myself.

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