Sports Saturday (Sorry Non-Sports Fans) … It's Soccer, McNabb, and Other Stuff

Pia at the Great Wall!On the USWNT front, Lindsey Dolich has posted a nice preview on ESPNsoccernet about this post-Abby team. Abby’s injury “forces the issue” as far as the USWNT’s transformation goes. And I have my suspicions that the “liberating” aspects of the change may be quite strong for this team that has played laborious and “ugly” soccer for so many years now. I also agree heartily with Lindsey’s comment about the difficulty other teams will have scouting this new, unpredictable, evolving USWNT. Pia seems to have a great way of framing things as “positives” – and from everything I read, the team seems on board with that. I look forward to an exciting Olympics, with the USWNT making a good run for the gold.

That opening Germany-Brazil match-up should be fascinating, too! I haven’t seen yet whether it will be televised. Probably not – but it should be streaming somewhere on the web. (Wednesday morning will find me, laptop in lap,watching the USWNT and tracking Germany-Brazil … for sure!)

Meanwhile the USWNT had training this morning (probably long over by now) and a free day tomorrow. Then it’s two more trainings before the opening match. They may want to watch out for spies! Check out Grant Wahl’s report on the Danish coach’s accusations about surveillance crews behind one-way-mirrors at last year’s Women’s World Cup. Remember? Kinda creepy stuff. (Pia is mentioned, as she was the Assistant Coach for the Chinese team at the time. Don’t worry, though – no one thinks she had anything to do with it!)

NikeSoccer has some nice USWNT videos and other material on its site. And don’t forget … Beulah will be posting some time this weekend! (There’s a link to her site in the sidebar to the right, here.)

We’re less than a year away from the start of Women’s Professional Soccer! While many fans will be watching the Olympics purely with gold in mind, many others are going to be watching and scouting players for the WPS allocation, slated for this fall. Here’s Boston Breakers’ coach Tony DiCicco’s take on the Olympics and the upcoming WPS player allocation.

Candace!Candace Parker talks, in this Q&A, about the upcoming Olympics (her first) and going for the gold.

I’ll be adding some links so that we can more easily track the US Women’s B-ball squad in China these upcoming weeks!

Other news? The Manny-less red Sox won (and Dodgers lost). The Phillies lost (but so did the Mets and Marlins). Meanwhile – where’s a post by Tom Curran that I, for one, really like, because it sounds like there’s good reason to think that Donovan McNabb is poised for the kind of season he’s capable of! (Time to make my FFootball picks, I guess!)

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