Hillary and the Convention, McCain and Oil, and an Obama-nation!

John Tomasic has put up a nice piece (and interesting video) on the Huffington Post about Hillary and Hillary supporters … as we head toward the convention. It certainly appears that HRC has accepted the Obama nomination and is working with the DNC on moving forward in a unified way.

In the meantime, John McCain is droning on oh-so-disingenuously about off-shore drilling and how it’s our salvation. I hate hearing that Obama is softening his position and hope it reflects nothing more than a nod to the political winds. Boltgirl has posted a very interesting piece about the whole “oil thing” (shortage, high prices, you name it) that I urge you to read. It’s titled: Emirates or Exxon: Either Way You Take It in the Shorts.

Listen to Rachel Maddow on the real scandal of American Politics … the lies of the McCain campaign. Her point – why is it not a scandal that lies are so consistently being told?

Go Rachel! Will the press in general pick up on this? Will the lier get into trouble for lying? Will these tactics continue to go over? McCain himself was a victim of the Bushies using these tactics. McCain has sold his soul (assuming he had one). He is like the prisoner of war who eventually comes to side with his torturers. Hmmm.

One last thing … a political question/comment from a co-worker. I just love it!

Question: When Obama wins in November, what will we have?

Answer: An Obama-nation!

(Unfortunately, the term has been picked up by the religious right and other wingnuts in totally predictable fashion … ) Too bad – I thought it was a clever play on people’s irrational fears. Little did I know how powerful irrationality continues to be. Scary stuff!

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