Countdown to Norway … Study Up!

I’m back from my quick road trip … which was very successful and included a drive through the Delaware Water Gap region – an area I haven’t visited in years. It was quite beautiful – more so than I remembered (from driving through in my childhood). Much of it has been reclaimed as park land now – and so is looking a lot more pristine than in the bad old days! As I drove home yesterday evening I was thinking how amazing – a 15 1/2 hour trip that either went through (or skirted) the Green Mountains, the Catskills, and the Poconos … and even the Whites (via Mondanock).

Now, the major item on my horizon is soccer! Tomorrow beings us the USWNT vs. Norway in their Olympic opener … as well as Germany vs. Brazil (the other “big” match-up of the day). It is going to be fascinating to see how the USWNT responds to the pressure of the situation, the loss of Wambach. Pia’s continued tenure may be riding on how the team does (her contract just runs through the Oly’s at this point) and the team is surely looking to get rid of the bad taste of the Women’s World Cup. There are a ton of articles on the internet as the match approaches, and here’s a sampling:

A nice article about Natasha Kai who, as it turns out, come from a high school whose nickname is the Red Raiders. (Religious readers of this blog will know that the high school in Belmont, NH has the same nickname … clearly a good omen for the Oly’s and Kai’s performance in particular!) In another article on Kai from USA Today, we learn, among other things, that Heather Mitts has a gecko tattoo.

They just keep coming, from Thinking Outside the Boxx (from the FIFA site), to the WNT Blog (great picture), to John Powers in the Boston Globe.

From the LA Times we have more on A-Rod, the young striker who’s fast and unpredictable and will hopefully be another of the big stories coming out of the Oly’s for the US – and from Detroit, a profile of the dynamic and prolific Lindsay Tarplay.

From the UK we have this glimpse at Marta’s thinking going into Brazil’s match-up with Germany Wednesday morning.

Finally, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, here’s a nice piece about standing at the edge of a new era for US women’s soccer.

Greenlander ProLast but not least … here’s a photo of CharlieHopbrew in their new Greenlander Pro. What do you think, CB? (And hope your studies and work situation are both going along swimmingly!)

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