HollyCornblog's Hops, Favre, Philly, and a Kai Tidbit

HollyCornblog’s HopsHollyCornblog has sent me a couple of photos of her growing hops (remember that huge hop trellis?). They’re looking nice and healthy, don’t you think?

(It’s also very important that I get HollyCornblog’s name in here more frequently – because with the Olympics underway, Pia is appearing all the time – and that pisses HollyCornblog off!)

More HollyCornblog HopsSo here’s that other hop picture (and I’ll mention again, these are HOLLYCORNBLOG’S HOPS!).

Nice, aren’t they?

In other news – Bret Favre is now with the Jets. The Phillies handily defeated the Marlins (yeah!). And here’s an interesting piece about Natasha Kai – acknowledging her as one of the few (if only) “out” American athletes at the Olympics (to date).

Oh yeah – and since the USWNT hasn’t scored yet (!) … you can still vote in the poll … it’s open ’til Saturday at 5AM, when the match-up with Japan kicks off.

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