USWNT Notches a Win

After Carli Lloyd’s goal in the first half, the score held and the USWNT defeated a good Japan squad 1-0 to gain three points and move into second place in their group. Next up, New Zealand on Tuesday at 7:45 AM ET. Here are some comments from Pia et al (from the USSF site).

Here in Canterbury we enjoyed watching the game with our friend Alice. The team definitely is looking like it’s coming around – but there are still too many give-aways and impatient, long passes. I thought that HAO did a great job on the right – and Angela Hucles and two or three beautiful passes that nearly cut A-Rod loose. Still, I’d like to see the US possess the ball the way Japan was in the final third … and FINISH! Hopefully Pia is right and with each game, they are improving. So far, that does appear to be the case – but with the Norway game, they set the bar pretty low for themselves.

In other soccer news, Germany defeated Nigeria 1-0, Norway defeated New Zealand 1-0, Canada tied China 1-1, Brazil defeated North Korea 2-1, and Sweden prevailed over Argentina 1-0 for their first win.  (What’s up with Sweden, BTW?  I was expecting them to be where Norway is at the moment …)

I’ll get a table going with the Group standings on the USWNT page if I have time today!

On the B-ball side – the US defeated Czechoslovakia (in a 97-47 blowout) to record their first win of the 2008 games. (Sadly, Bush was there … what a drag!)

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