Beulah's Match Report and Other News of the USWNT and Beyond

Here’s Beulah’s match report. I’m always so pleased when one or two things I noticed show up in Beulah’s write-up! I continue to be impressed with HAO’s play – and was also very glad to see Mitts playing more like her old self. Hope A-Rod gets her scoring started against New Zealand … and then goes on a run! Here are Grahame Jones, Grant Wahl, and Jamie Trecker on the USWNT … and Jennifer Doyle on Germany-Nigeria (sounds like Nigeria would be a fun team to watch and gave Germany all they could handle).

Don’t forget to vote in the new poll … and watch (if work doesn’t interfere … dang it) Tuesday’s game (7:45 AM ET).

Deer Island ViewIn more local news, Dewd and RPE just headed off to Deer Island (NB), HollyCornblog is at the lake (hopefully getting in some good sailing), and I’ve added a link under “The Finer Things” to Nancy Otto Glass – Nancy having been a Friday-night visitor here and someone whose work looked very interesting!

Turning to political randomness, I found this sad video on TPM depicting McCain’s decline. May it continue and be clear enough to everyone to assure, come November, that we’re not saddled with another 4 years of a Republican administration! And here’s the NY Times on McCain’s management style. I’m glad to hear that he hungers for information (how odd, huh?) but his management of his campaign doesn’t bode well for governance … and we’ve surely had enough of shoot-from-the-hip style chief executives … haven’t we?

Speaking of him … how embarrassing … his continuing presence on the world stage! Check out the photo gallery. January 20 can’t come fast enough!

And on the embarrassment-and-beyond front, Boltgirl must’ve been reading my mind on Friday night when she posted about John Edwards. I talked myself out of being suspicious of his smooth patter so many times … only to find out that the suspicion was right-on. (At least Bill Clinton wasn’t quite as self-righteous as John-Boy.) I have to say it makes me wonder about Elizabeth a little, too – the extent and quality of her ambitions for him. I don’t actually care about what people do with their private lives – EXCEPT when they are being hypocritical in some way. That kind of dissonance really fries me! Lots more on the whole sordid affair on The Huffington Post

Oh yeah – and in the meanwhile, Michael Phelps has his first gold, with a performance breaking his own world record!

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