Inspirational Finish … to Start Your Monday

I didn’t stay up late enough to actually see Michael Phelps and his relay teammates get the gold – but what a stunner as Jason Lezak anchored an amazing race! (I was aiming to watch past 9PM, but when Bob Costas started interviewing a smirking GW Bush I had to call it a night.) Anyway – the video is definitely worth a look!

On the USWNT front, Lindsey Dolich offers her take on tomorrow’s NZ game, predicting a tough, physical match-up. New Zealand has to be very psyched to be in the position they are at this stage – in their first ever Olympics. I disagree with her about putting Wagner in, however. The US team is just starting to pick up momentum and I don’t see Pia messing with it at this stage. Here’s Beau Dure in USA Today – on tomorrow’s match, which will decide the group standings:

The difference between first and second in the group is the difference between a brutal quarterfinal pairing and a merely tough one. The group runner-up plays the winner of the Group of Death — Group F, featuring tournament favorites Germany and Brazil along with dangerous North Korea. The group winner plays a third-place team, either from Group F or Group E.

Unless something really unexpected happens (akin the their opening game shellacking), it’s looking very likely that the USWNT will face either Brazil or Germany in the quarterfinal.

Lisa LeslieOn the basketball front, the US women face China today at 8AM ET. This should be a bit of a tougher match-up than their opening game was.

On the home front, JPE and MLH are off to Deer Island (the second wave) and today is our friend Marisha’s first day of work as a newly-minted RN. She’s working up in Lebanon, NH at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital … you go girl!

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