Japan v Germany … and Final USWNT Thoughts

Germany-Japan are underway and Japan is looking goo so far (17th minute). meanwhile, I can’t imagine what the USWNT must be feeling right now. Hopefully they are focused and confident. Their making it to the gold medal match is a wonderful accomplishment and, at the very least, has brought the eyes and attention of many fans back to women’s soccer. A good game … and even better, a great result … will be awesome for the WPS, too! (Japan just almost scored and has a corner now … another FABULOUS shot and another corner … and another dangerous chance!) It’s nice to see former Atlanta Beat teammates Sawa and Prinz going at it!

Anyway, back to the USWNT … here are some articles …

“I hear the people talking,” Lloyd said. “They don’t think we can do it. But it just fires me up. There are going to be critics, no matter what you do.”

Yeah, we didn’t come out strong against Norway and we lost the first game, but I think it worked to our advantage. We’re proving people wrong, and we’re going to prove people wrong with another good game of soccer.”

This is the most fun Lloyd has had playing the game. She loves the coach, who treats everyone “fairly.” Draw you own conclusions when she says that and then mentions her benching by the previous coach, Greg Ryan, midway through that World Cup tournament.

She loves Sundhage’s trusting style of play, which allows players like Lloyd, who aren’t big-name stars, to shoot and score and create. Oh, sure, Lloyd was a standout at Rutgers, and she has an ice cream flavor named after her at the hometown Lindy Hops Ice Cream Parlor in Delran – Carli’s Cake Batter Cookie Dough Kick – and the mayor has plans to name soccer fields after her.

But around here she is just a soldier, and she likes that, unlike U.S. teams in the past, everyone’s shoes are the same size on this team.”I want people to know we’re playing good soccer,” she said. “It’s not kick-and-run. It’s not longball. It’s not depending on one player to get it done.

“No, we don’t have Mia. No, we don’t have Abby. No, we don’t have all of those pioneers who built the program. But, in my mind, we’ve got 18 stars. And I’d rather have a team of 18 united people than a team with a few stars.”

So let’s go Japan … 0-0 at the half and dominating Germany (wih some let-up toward the end of the half) … and don’t forget to chat with Tony Dicicco on the Boston Breakers’ site at 8:30 ET!


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