Nicole Petignat (I Had a Little Down Time) … and Some Pre-Game Thoughts from Tony DiCicco!

NicoleSeeing Nicole Petignat on Monday reffing the USWNT-Japan game brought back some really, really bad memories. Having a moment or two, here, I thought I’d Google her and see what came of it.

I found, as one might expect, that she’s probably human, and probably interesting, and probably not the evil (or at least unnecessarily cranky) persona that she sometimes projects on the pitch.

But the most interesting thing I came upon was this You-Tube production titled “Têtes en l’air – Nicole Petignat – du 28 septembre 2007.” It’s long (@ 25 minutes) and in French. I would welcome any information or explications that you guys could offer!


Finally … Tony DiCicco has offered up his thoughts on tomorrow’s Gold Medal game. You can get them by signing up for the Breakers’ “Breaking News” e-mail newsletter at the Boston Breakers website! I’ll just snag a piece of what he says …

Tony’s Take: Keys for the Olympic Gold Medal Match

  1. USA must play compact defense and defend in numbers to neutralize the individual flair of the Brazilians.
  2. USA must possess the ball because if they chase it for too long in the game…it will wear them out. The exception is if they play a counterattack defense allowing possession and then breaking out with numbers when they can. … and on to NUMBER 6 … this is merely a tease, after all!
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