More Pre-Game Analysis and Info …

… but first, congratulations to Usain Bolt on his phenomenal victory in the 200! He is just amazing to watch … how beautifully effortless and strong. Can’t wait to see it tonight!

A-Rod’s Goal vs Brazil!On the USWNT front, we’ve got Lindsey Dolich with her pre-game report and Jeff Carlisle on the USWNT mindset heading into the match.

From Newsweek, we’ve got a piece about soccer in Mark Starr’s blog post about a number of the US Women’s teams in Beijing.

Meanwhile, from the USSF site we have some pre-game factoids, as well as the pre-game quote sheet.

Here’s an interesting fact (cribbed from the USSF site):

“Brazil has never finished out of the top four in the Olympics, but has also never won the gold medal. In the first two Olympics, Brazil fell in the semifinals, first to China, 3-2, in 1996 and then to the U.S., 1-0, four years later in Sydney.”

Are the Samba Queens due? Or is the USWNT on a trajectory that will carry them through? Here’s Heather O’Reilly on facing Brazil :

“We’re pumped. We’ve played Brazil before and we know they’re a pretty awesome team with a lot of great personalities. But this team player for player is unified and strong, and we’re together. We’re looking forward to the game.”

We’ll know … soon …

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