Counting Down to Gold: USWNT vs. Brazil

CharlieHopbrew Paddling His Betsie BayWhat a beautiful morning! It feels Septemberish, with clear air and cool temperatures. Soccer weather for sure (at least here in New Hampshire). Before launching into the soccer stuff, I wanted to share this photo that HollyCornblog sent. It’s of Charlie HopBrew taking an evening paddle in his Betsie Bay! Ah … summer!

From our friend Alice (and Salon) comes the WONDERFUL news that Rachel Maddow is going to have her own TV show – starting 9/8/08. It’ll be on MSNBC at 9PM (ET) nightly. (And while you wait for the show to start airing … here’s a nice profile of Rachel by Rebecca Traister in the 8/18/08 edition of The Nation.

Now … the soccer …

Tomorrow morning brings us the gold and bronze medal games in the Women’s 2008 Olympic soccer tournament. First up, Germany and Japan face off (that’s at 6AM ET, folks). At the more civilized hour of 9AM ET, we’ve got the USWNT versus Brazil. Tony DiCicco will be doing his Breakers Chat prior to that (8:30 AM ET). There is a whole ton of news and analysis out there in the ether – much of it still exploring the old Solo/Ryan/World Cup story-line. It’s an understandable tack, as they are facing Brazil, after all … their WWC nemesis. Psychologically, this has to be a challenge that the USWNT relishes, collectively and individually. They have been presented with an opportunity to remove a bitter taste from their mouthes. It won’t be easy (to put it mildly) … but it’s an opportunity!

So – let’s move to the soccer pundits and feature writers, and see what they have to say!

  • We’ve got Jamie Trecker implying that internal turmoil continues on the team … an assertion about which he offers no details. So what’s your point Mr. Grouchybones? Oh yeah – and he thinks the USWNT will lose. So does Andrea Canales – but with a less sourpussish tone. 😉
  • The Chicago Tribune’s Bill Plaschke writes about some of the history that feeds the importance of this match for this team. Graham Hays offers an excellent analysis and overview on the WPS site.
  • From the we have a piece about the Samba Queens and their return to the Finals of another major tournament. Will this time be the charm?
  • Hope Solo is (understandably) getting a lot of press. Here’s and excellent, in-depth piece by Dan Wetzel that offers details and insights about Hope that I have never read before. From the San Jose Mercury News, we have another Hope-focused piece. Here’s a really interesting blog post about Solo, trust, her teammates, this tournament. There’s lots of detail, and while it’s not always clear what the source is, it’s interesting nonetheless.
  • The other member of the USWNT getting a lot of press is Angela Hucles – in her rise from reserve to top goal-scorer! Here’s a nice piece from her hometown paper … and check out these USWNT photo albums from Isiphotos (some great pictures of Angela)!
  • Scott Reid, in the Orange County Register, gives us a profile of Amy Rodriguez (A-Rod with the talent but without the controversy).Pia!
  • More general write-ups about the gold medal game can be found all over. There’s Gil Lebreton from McClatchy News, for example … and Kevin Manahan from The (NJ) Star Ledger.
  • The WNT Blog offers a tidbit about the team’s final practice, as well as lots of other glimpses of life between the semi’s and the final!
  • Last, but absolutely NOT least, we have this article about Pia from the FIFA site.

Phew … let’s DO IT!

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