Sunday Sundries

The Phillies won (Mets and Marlins lost) and Beulah has posted her match report! (Sounds like she had a tough time getting it onto her site .. but it’s up and a very good read as always!)

In other commentary, here’s Mark Zeigler on the game …

The rest of the women’s soccer world, though, likely is smiling in a perverse sort of way. Brazil is as ridiculously good as it is with minimal resources – only two professional clubs have elite women’s programs – and the fear was a gold medal might inspire soccer authorities to fund a bona fide women’s national program more than a few months before a major tournament.

Which is another way of saying, no one else would ever win anything again.

“I think gold was really going to transform women’s soccer in Brazil,” Barcellos said. “I really believed that. I don’t know about the future now.”

Meanwhile, it sounds like Greg Ryan did watch the game. And so did Abby … and here’s some video of the USWNT at their after match party … great stuff (and love Pia’s vest)!

But it’s a beautiful Sunday morning and … now that Beulah’s posted … I feel that my work is done! Here’s to the next-to-last soft summer Sunday of August.

Enjoy! 🙂

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2 Responses to Sunday Sundries

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    I know, wasn’t that cool? I would love to find more snippets … so heartwarming. (And now I also want to know what kind of beer Pia likes. Hoppy – don’t you think?)


  2. Alice says:

    I LOVE the video of the after match party. What a find–thanks for sharing this. All those smiling faces; Pia singing–just GREAT! Touching, too. Hurrah USWNT! It was a super series. Now to the conventions……..


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